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Unlimited groups. Any size of group.
Any type of cell phone!

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Free Trial

Take advantage of KruGlu's free trial to see how awesome KruGlu is for your group. No credit card is required! No obligation! Within minutes you and your group will discover why KruGlu is perfect for your group.

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Millions of Groups

There are millions of different types of groups that can take advantage of KruGlu's group text messaging service. KruGlu's group text messaging is perfect for friends and family, school groups, and even professional groups.

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Tons of Features

KruGlu is loaded with features that make group texting simple and powerful. From reply-all texting sent directly from the phone to managing your group with our web-based application, KruGlu has the features that your group wants.

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Faith Groups

"KruGlu has been an effective tool for our group of men to find encouragement, prayer support, fellowship, and communicate with one another outside of the weekly meetings. I would highly encourage any organization or group who is looking to foster a greater sense of community and enhance their communication to utilize this innovative service."

Anthony Stafford, Men's Group Leader
Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

Team Management

"You have given me the ability to communicate with my team right away. E-Mail was failing us because the message wasn't getting to them before practice. With KruGlu, they get the message."

Keith Wilbur, Head Coach
Santa Clara University Water Polo

Have An Application?

Integrate with KruGlu to add group text messaging to your application.

Contact us today to gain access to our API and to learn how we can customize KruGlu to meet your needs.

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Have A Business?

Use KruGlu to market directly to your customers via SMS/Text Messaging.

Businesses are using KruGlu to build text messaging lists of their customers so that they can offer them special offers directly to their phone.

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How It Works - If You're the Admin...

This is so simple, you can get this done in seconds! Quickly create an account and your first group, invite people to join, then start sending messages to keep everyone in sync!

1. All we need from you is an e-mail address and a password
2. You create your first group with just a group name and description
3. We need to verify your mobile number - this is very important

4. We give you a simple 10-digit invite code
5. You choose how to get people to join using your personal invite code: send it in an e-mail or a text message, using social media, or even on a billboard!

6. When you've used all your free messages (yes, you get FREE MESSAGES to start!) pick the best plan to meet your needs ... and, you're done ... REALLY!

How It Works - If You're the User...

You'll be amazed at how fast it is to join the group! Just take the invite code from your friend, send a quick text message to join, then start sending messages to stay in sync!

1. Locate the simple 10-digit invite you received from your friend, from social media, or found on a billboard!
2. Create a quick text message using the invite code for the group you want to join
3. Send that message to the KruGlu service
4. The KruGlu service will reply to you in a text message thanking you for joining the group

Start Sending
5. You're in! You can start sending messages and keep in sync!